At last!

This site has been a long time coming. For the past 3.5 years, I have been a graduate student at UW-Madison in the programs of U.S. History and Library & Information Studies. In the former I studied the history of childhood, and in the latter I concentrated in youth services. While I (mostly) enjoyed the experience of graduate school, I am thrilled to have some more time on my hands and to move more fully into the professional world. That said this site will incorporate aspects of both my professional and personal interests. While I reserve the right to change my mind about its content, I expect this site will host my thoughts on the things I most love: children’s & young adult books, considerations of children’s past experiences, traveling & exploring the places I currently inhabit, baking & cooking, and any other ideas that seize me. I hope this site might serve as place where librarians, teachers, and parents might find inspiration in the books I review, and where every visitor might enjoy reading about new or familiar places, foods, and lifestyles. Thank you for reading!


One thought on “At last!

  1. Fantastic, Alexandra; good for you. I’m sure this medium will be another wonderful way to share your expertise and enthusiasm with friends, family, and the world beyond. So continue to soak in life as you explore and discover. One of your blog followers.


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