A (hardly) winter walk

Robert Moses BeachMy husband, Brian, and I just returned to Madison after a luxurious three weeks spent back on the east coast with family (including our brand new nephew!) and friends. During the last leg of our trip I hung out with my fabulous in-laws on Long Island while Brian attended a conference in NYC. One day we went to Fire Island to take a walk. While cars Boardwalk to Fire Island Lighthouseare not permitted on most of the island, there is access from mainland to Robert Moses State Park, a gorgeous strip of the island complete with public beaches, boardwalk, and
Young Deer on Fire Islandthe Fire Island lighthouse. Not only was the weather unseasonably mild for January, but the sun shone and the sky was blue blue blue. Our walk turned into something of an adventure: we happened upon a young deer who munched away on some yummy plant or another next to the boardwalk, we discovered the newly opened Fire Island Light Station, which houses an original 1858 Fresnel Lens, and we finally strolled along the beach where a couple of brave souls waded into the water. Thankfully, my in-laws tolerated my picture-taking. Still adjusting to a new camera, I didn’t realize the time stamp was on until after the fact. Nevertheless, I snapped a couple shots that captured some of the day’s shining essence. If you ever have a chance to visit Fire Island, do. No matter the season.

Fire Island Lighthouse  Photo of 1858 1st Order Fresnel Lens on Fire Island


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