And then there were three

Two weeks ago, on August 19th, I gave birth to a handsome baby boy. He wasn’t due until August 31st, so his arrival came as a bit of a surprise since typically you hear about first babies being late if anything. Even a family history of punctual babies (I, my brother, my husband, and one of his two sisters all came on our due dates) hadn’t fully prepared us, and so we were packing the hospital bag after my water broke at 1am. Despite going into the big event on an hour’s sleep, we had a very positive labor and delivery experience. Our little boy has completely captured our hearts (and sleep), and we’re slowly adjusting to life with a newborn. I suspect by the time we actually feel adjusted, he won’t be a newborn anymore! Needless to say, that’s why I’ve been rather quiet on the blog lately. All is well, though, and I’m certain that my son will only bring new inspiration of books to read and thoughts to explore. Photograph of me with my baby boy


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