Secrets and playing catch-up

I can’t believe it is already May and nearly two months since my last post. In addition to keeping busy with part-time jobs, toddlers, travel, etc., I have been working on a couple of secret projects. One of these two projects I am now at liberty to share. I am cooking up baby #2, due in October! Ha, that counts as a project, right?

Photo of son on play structure smiling at mother who smiles back

Pregnancy takes up a whole lot of energy. Naps have reentered my life (although they seem to be slowly drifting out again). Thinking about our life a few months from now, I’ve decided to let myself enjoy the occasional nap at present. I mean, all that well intended advice to sleep when the baby sleeps is really only applicable the first time around. Once there are two or more kiddos in the household, will anybody be sleeping, ever? A fierce internal voice says, YES! The mama in me chuckles and sighs, Sometime, someday.

I will leave you in suspense about the second project. I promise it is more of a traditional project, though.

We have been reading a lot, as always. I even had put an Off the Shelf series together back in March but for some reason never posted it. Better late than never?


Here was the March roundup of books:

  • Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland — counting and dinosaurs. Two of my little guy’s favorite things right now.
  • I Love to Sleep by Amélie Graux — this one I catch the boy reading on his own a lot lately. I like to think he is studying up.
  • Feast for 10 by Cathryn Falwell — oldie but goodie. This one makes me hungry.
  • The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson and Beth Krommes — just lovely. I was so happy when my son got hooked on this!
  • Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss — I am still surprised that my son has the attention span for this or Go, Dog. Go!
  • Noisy Way to Bed by Ian Whybrow and Tiphanie Beeke — this was a major hit. My son loves to make the animal sounds that interrupt the boy on his way to bed.
  • Snow by Manya Stojic — yes we were still reading snow books all through March. I stubbornly returned them before April even though the snow had not ended.


I guess I’ll begin by stating the obvious. I haven’t posted in over a month. I’m tuned in to the blogosphere enough to realize that it’s considered a faux pas to start a blog and then disappear for that long, especially when a major component of said blog is of professional interest, in this case children’s books. However, over the past month and a half I have been going through some personal and professional transitions, not that surprising given that my identity as a graduate student ended in December. I have made the decision to stay at two (with the occasional third) part-time jobs that I love, and abandon the stress of searching for a full- or close-to-full-time position at this time. This decision has increased my day-to-day satisfaction and correspondingly decreased my day-to-day worrying by a lot.

The second more personal transition has been adjusting to my new role as a mother-to-be.  My spouse and I learned with great joy on Christmas Eve that we were expecting our first baby. Yet, as I’m sure many parents and expectant parents can attest to, that joy did not come without a slew of concerns and worries, panic attacks and bad dreams. Fears still lurk, as they’re bound to do, but I am now feeling more settled into my pregnancy. Part of that settling process has resulted from the more certain feeling that this pregnancy and the changes it will bring are beautifully real.

And so these last couple of months have been a deep breath, a preparatory and necessary inhalation into next steps. I know that further transitions will ensue, and I hope they will not interfere with this new venture into a virtual world quite so much. But I am also a believer that the occasional faux pas reminds us that there are humans and lives behind articles, posts, and reviews. So thanks for understanding.