I guess I’ll begin by stating the obvious. I haven’t posted in over a month. I’m tuned in to the blogosphere enough to realize that it’s considered a faux pas to start a blog and then disappear for that long, especially when a major component of said blog is of professional interest, in this case children’s books. However, over the past month and a half I have been going through some personal and professional transitions, not that surprising given that my identity as a graduate student ended in December. I have made the decision to stay at two (with the occasional third) part-time jobs that I love, and abandon the stress of searching for a full- or close-to-full-time position at this time. This decision has increased my day-to-day satisfaction and correspondingly decreased my day-to-day worrying by a lot.

The second more personal transition has been adjusting to my new role as a mother-to-be.  My spouse and I learned with great joy on Christmas Eve that we were expecting our first baby. Yet, as I’m sure many parents and expectant parents can attest to, that joy did not come without a slew of concerns and worries, panic attacks and bad dreams. Fears still lurk, as they’re bound to do, but I am now feeling more settled into my pregnancy. Part of that settling process has resulted from the more certain feeling that this pregnancy and the changes it will bring are beautifully real.

And so these last couple of months have been a deep breath, a preparatory and necessary inhalation into next steps. I know that further transitions will ensue, and I hope they will not interfere with this new venture into a virtual world quite so much. But I am also a believer that the occasional faux pas reminds us that there are humans and lives behind articles, posts, and reviews. So thanks for understanding.